HOOLIGANS-Storm over Europe

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HOOLIGANS-Storm over Europe

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The Darxabre Games real-time strategy title, which sold in record numbers when released in Europe last winter, could be the soccer game with a difference because it isn't directly about the sport. It actually deals with gangs of soccer hooligans, the toughs who seem to be rampaging through one world capital or another every few months. You take on the leadership of one such gang, or "firm," as they prefer to call themselves, and go through various scenarios that involve a whole lot of lawbreaking. If a crime is on the books, chances are that you'll be committing it at some point while playing Hooligans.

Hooligans plays a bit like a larger-scale version of the tactical strategy game Commandos. You begin each scenario in the single-player campaign with a leader or two and a small selection of firm members. These initial followers form the hard-core element of your firm and can be directly controlled. Once a pub is in your control, you boost overall morale by buying the house a round or two and pay to sign up fresh troops. There are six types of hooligans in the game. Leaders, the only units who cannot be replaced, are invaluable for their ability to form groups of hard-core members and whip up the crowd with a chant. Bulches and bikers come next, due to their strength and fighting ability. Rats, ravers, and hooligans form the rest of your firm, serving as frontline soldiers. All are rated in terms of attack and defense capabilities, and eight categories--health, consciousness, fear, anger, drugged, drunk, loyalty, and stamina--track their current mood and fighting ability.


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